MMC Marty

Marty is a rescue boy with the nicest personality.  He is friendly and easy to handle.  He will make a great addition to a fiber herd or hobby herd. Fiber Testing: Year AFD SD CV % > 30  2017  24.5  4.3  17.5  7.0

Sunshine’s Gabriel

“Click” as he has always been called, is gentle to handle.  He has lovely soft fleece that is consistent giving him a very soft hand.  His AFD at 6 years of age was still 20.0!! Fiber Testing: Year AFD SD CV % > 30  2014  20.0  3.8  19.0  1.5  2012  20.9  4.4  21.2  2.3

MMC Nobility’s White Night

This boy, aka “Tiny Tim” is small with incrediblae crimpy fine fleece. He was born at just 8 lbs. 2 oz., and still trying to catch up with the “big boys”.  He has a nice disposition and perfect conformation. Fiber Testing: Year AFD SD CV % > 30  2016  15.4  3.4  22.2  0.5

Shady Creek’s Show Me the Reverend

“Taylor” is an easy breeder with nice crimpy fleece that is holding it’s fineness at 6 years of age, a very pretty head and balanced conformation. Phenotypically she is fawn but genetically she is black and has given birth to 2 wonderful black crias when bred to black. Of course we aren’t surprised by her […]

September Wind

“Windy” as we call her, is a large female with tons of white fleece. She is well balanced and has a good bite. Fiber Testing: Year AFD SD CV % > 30  2016  25.0 5.9  23.5  14.3  2014  21.2  5.1  24.3  5.7  2013  21.8  5.5  25.3  7.0

MMC Phoenix

Phoenix is one of our favorite alpacas both for his personality and fleece. He carries nice, fine fleece with great staple length and hand. Lots of crimp as well. He is nice and square with perfect bite. Very easy going so easy to handle. Fiber Testing: Year AFD SD CV % > 30  2016  22.5 […]

HC Marquesa Sunrise

Marquesa is an easy keeper. She was part of the first group of alpacas that we purchased and has been a sweet animal with a great disposition and wonderful maternal instincts. She has had no problems and birthing has always had plenty of milk for her cria. Markey’s fiber spins up beautifully and makes wonderful […]

MMC Tabit

Fiber Testing: Year AFD SD CV % > 30  2014  24.6  5.3  21.7  11.8  2013  23.1  5.0  21.5  7.8  2012  24.1  5.6  23.0  11.9

Manhattan Lady

“Mandy” is an inquisitive  female who loves to supervise chores. Her fleece is very nice with long staple, soft hand and uniform crimp throughout the length along with good density. In addition she has greta conformation and a perfect bite. Mandy’s sire, White Thunder, is from the Accoyo El Nino/Caligula and Hemmingway lines. Mandy is, […]