Fingerless Mitts, “Regal Wristwarmers”


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Crocheted fingerless mitts in Enchanted Forest(dark green with a dash of sparkle), from the “Frost” yarn line(made by The Shepherd’s Mill in Phillipsburg, KS).

55% Apaca/30% Viscose from Bamboo/10% Merino/5% Nylon

These will fit a small to medium adult hand.

Care Instructions: Dry clean or hand wash.  For hand washing, gently agitate in cool to lukewarm water with gentle detergent (we use Pantene shampoo). Rinse in clean water of the same temperature, then squeeze as much water out as possible, by hand or squeezing in a dry towel.  Washing machine spin cycle can be used.  Lay flat to dry, or block or iron as needed (use medium or wool setting).  Items made of alpaca and/or wool will likely felt in a regular washing machine cycle.

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