Tours FAQs

Here are our most frequently asked questions regarding our fun farm tours.

Our general combined tours are limited to groups of 12 people or less.  We are not requiring anyone to wear a face mask since this is an outdoor activity. You are encouraged to bring a mask for use in the store.

If you or your group require face masks please consider booking a private tour. Use the Contact Us form to inquire(pricing details are on the Farm Tours page).

Tour fees are fully refundable if cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled tour time (with the exception of private tour deposit).

We appreciate exuberance and excitement to see alpacas but tours will not start before your scheduled time.We kindly request that you arrive 5-15 minutes prior to tour start times.

We appreciate your love of animals but we do not allow other animals on the tours.

Though the tour generally stays on mown or gravel surfaces, you will be on a farm with all manner of insects and plants! We recommend long pants, short or long sleeved shirts, and closed toe shoes that you won’t mind getting wet or dusty.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your little ones BUT for their protection, children under 2 must be in a stroller or parent/siblings arms throughout the tour. Alpacas are not dangerous for visitors who can understand the rules for interacting with them.

Our shaded spaces are also home to some rather prickly trees, and don’t make for a great picnic space for little ones. We are encouraging visitors to check out the Lions Park in Bonner Springs. It is about a 10 minute drive from our farm, and offers picnic shelters, playgrounds and restrooms.

We have one public restroom available for visitors. Prior to the end of the tour, restroom access is limited in order to prevent delaying the tour. Please come prepared to start the tour at your designated time.

Yes. In our experience, young children do not appreciate the value of alpaca products and can be rough when touching. We respectfully request that parents monitor their children at all times.

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